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Cheeky Panty Thrill-Her + Vibrating Egg Remote Control


Varastossa, 2-3 päivän toimitus
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Kukaan ei saa tietää, sillä paketit eivät kiinnitä kenenkään huomiota, niissä ei ole logoja tai lähettäjän nimeä.
2-3 päivän nopea toimitus ennen klo 15 tehdyt tilaukset lähetetään samana päivänä.

Om Cheeky Panty Thrill-Her + Vibrating Egg Remote Control

- Edullinen paketti pareille

- Stimuloiva värähtely

- Toimii kauko-ohjauksella

- Sekä sisäiseen että ulkoiseen stimulointiin

- Joustavat pikkuhousut, sopii useimpiin kokoihin

TOYZ4LOVERS Vibrating Egg Remote Control Pink

Elys Ripple Egg Remote Control Purple branded Toyz4Lovers is the vibrating vaginal egg with remote control to be used alone or in pairs. If you're getting bored, here's the right sex toy for you. Using the remote control at a distance of 10 meters will be even more fun. Your sex toy is made of silicon without phthalates to the touch, it is soft and velvety. The egg is waterproof.

We recommend that you apply a high quality lubricant dose and sanitize your Elys Ripple Egg Remote Control Purple before and after use with the special toy cleaner.

Safe for the body: Yes

Features: 1

Wireless remote control: Yes

Different speeds: Yes

Vibrant: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Batteries: 2 x AAA (not included) (See paired)

Material: Silicone / ABS

Diameter: 3.7 cm

Length: 9 cm

Pipedream Cheeky Panty Thrill-Her

Tonight would be a night she would always remember. She had enjoyed her long, hot bubble bath and had applied her favorite lotion with sensual caresses. Now it was time to put on her petite panty thrill-her. She slid the purple panty up her legs. The see-through material was incredible sexy and it felt sensuous against her bare skin. She liked the extra details like the decorative panty straps that made this panty fit better than her expensive lingerie and made her look even more seductive. Ah, she admired her favorite panty accessory, the miniature massager, and placed it securely inside her panty’s secret inner pocket. It fit just like it belonged there. Which, of course, it did. She had chosen this petite panty thrill-her specifically to give her lover an incredibly memorable evening.

Maybe she should try it first herself before allowing her lover to take command of the wireless remote control. She sat on the edge of her bed and turned on the power button. A fluttering of vibrations pressed against her clit. She automatically pressed her hand over her panty, hugging the sensations and willing them to travel deeper into her dampening cleft.

She smiled as she pressed the remote again and again as more powerful and exciting vibrations traveled through her. Would it feel as good if she was standing? She stood up and her panty snugly continued to tickle, tempt and tease her now sopping clit. Oh how good this felt! She had no idea how long she cycled through all the vibration functions or how long she had been rocking along with the powerful orgasmic waves that continued to control her body. How many orgasms was that? 2? Or 3 maybe? She was almost tempted to keep the remote control herself so she could secretly enjoy her petite panty thrill-her by herself all night. But she knew that having her lover give her the next orgasm would make it much better, even sexier, slightly naughty and oh so satisfying for them both.

It’s all about Her.

Panties fit most waists from...

US: 30"-42" (sizes 4-16)

EU: 76 cm-107 cm (sizes 36-46)

Features and Functions: Batteries Included, Remote Control, Phthalates Free, Multi-Function, Vibrates

Battery Info: 2 AAA (Included)

3 LR44 / AG13 (1.5V) (Included)

Material: Polyester


ABS Plastic


Item Width: 13 in. - ( 33.02 cm )

Item Height: 7 in. - ( 17.78 cm )

Item Weight: 1 oz. ( 14 grams )


Item Length: 3 in. - ( 7.62 cm )

Item Width: 1 in. - ( 1.778 cm )

Item Weight: 1 oz. ( 28 grams )



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