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Lelo Sona + Satisfyer Mini Vibe


Varastossa, 2-3 päivän toimitus
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Kukaan ei saa tietää, sillä paketit eivät kiinnitä kenenkään huomiota, niissä ei ole logoja tai lähettäjän nimeä.
2-3 päivän nopea toimitus ennen klo 15 tehdyt tilaukset lähetetään samana päivänä.

Om Lelo Sona + Satisfyer Mini Vibe

- Edullinen paketti klitoriksen stimulointiin

- Ilmanpainetoiminto

- 8 intensiteettitoimintoa

- Ylellinen, tyylikäs design

- Suosittu tuotemerkki

LELO Sona Black
SONA stimulates the entire clitoris - even the parts you don’t see - with gentle sonic waves instead of conventional vibrations. This whisper-quiet sonic massager o­ffers an entirely new orgasm, a prolonged climax after a sensual build-up. Its smooth, waterproof design is made from a single piece of premium silicone, making SONA incredibly easy to clean and soft to the touch. And because it doesn't need to make direct contact with the clitoris to be felt, it can be used to generate multiple orgasms over and over again without any discomfort.

Satisfyer Mini Lovely Honey Gold

Satisfyer has done it again!

Mini Lovely Honey is a small pretty vibrator with sexy texture and beautiful details designed to precisely stimulate the clitoris - and of course other erogenous zones.

Easy to control and adjust, on the Mini Lovely Honey top you will find a (+) button that activates the engine and cycles through the 15 intense vibration options, while the one below cycles down through each stimulation option. So you will be able to go back or forward through the 15 vibration patterns without starting over.

Conveniently rechargeable via USB - attach the included cable to the magnetic points on the base. 3.5 hours of charging time will run the engine for up to 50 minutes.

Mini Lovely Honey is IPX7 waterproof and is safe for immersion up to about 1 meters for a maximum of 30 minutes.

  • Size: 11 cm x 3 cm
  • Material: High quality silicone , ABS plastic
  • Power source: USB rechargeable
  • Special features: Hypoallergenic, multi-function, multi-speed, phthalate-free, waterproof


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