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Satisfyer Plugs 3st svarta + Glidmedel Anal 300ml


Varastossa, 2-3 päivän toimitus
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Waterglide Anal 300ml
Lelujen puhdistusspray
EasyGlide Toycleaner 150ml
Kukaan ei saa tietää, sillä paketit eivät kiinnitä kenenkään huomiota, niissä ei ole logoja tai lähettäjän nimeä.
2-3 päivän nopea toimitus ennen klo 15 tehdyt tilaukset lähetetään samana päivänä.

Om Satisfyer Plugs 3st svarta + Glidmedel Anal 300ml

- Edullinen paketti anaalistimulointiin

- Spiraalirakenne maksimaaliseen stimulaatioon

- Kapea, pyöreä kärki sisäänviemisen helpottamiseksi

- Vetorenkaalla turvalliseen irrottamiseen

- Etenkin anaaliseksiin suunniteltu liukuvoide

Satisfyer Plugs 3 pcs Black

One, two, or three? If you are looking for an exciting range of sensual, feel-good massage games for your back passage, this sexy trio is perfect for your next anal adventure. The flexible plugs are made from medical grade silicone, caressing your anus with a soft-to-the-touch surface. Thanks to their narrow tips and smooth, ultra-soft texture, they are also perfect for beginners and explorers. Choose between a seductively twisted spiral design, a narrow cone shape or the ‘classic’ design which consists of balls of increasing sizes. This set in sophisticated black offers a variety of sensations, adding a range of sensual pleasures to your love games whether you’re enjoying a steamy solo session or passionate playtime with your partner. Discover the exciting mix of different, ascending structures and train your back passage in a particularly fun-filled fashion. The exciting back-and-forth lets you enjoy every inch, while the frictionless glide of the plugs will stimulate you in an unforgettably intense manner. If you wear one of these flexible pleasure-givers as a plug, the different structures will caress you with every movement while leaving your hands free - what you do with them is up to your erotic imagination!

For the ultimate in slippery pleasure, always use your toy with one of Satisfyer's water-based lubricants, which are the perfect match for our toys. This will make your experience silkily intense, and will add an additional element of variety. They are available in the variants Classic, Silky and Warming. The water-based, vegan formula takes care of the material and keeps the silky-matt surface of your pleasure-giver beautifully supple.

127 g 

134 - 139 mm 

48 mm

Waterglide Anal 300ml

Lubricant and sensation gel for an ultrasensitive feel.

Waterglide ® is a tested, high quality, water soluble lubricant made in Germany . Its special, non-greasy texture is easy to wash off and leaves no traces on the skin at even the most delicate moments. Thanks to its skin-friendly, non-sticky composition and excellent gliding properties, its waterglide ® lubricant is ideally suited for productive and carefree play.



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